Mirakle Hensen
Property Manager

Mirakle was raised in Honolulu Hawaii and is a part of a HUGE family of eight, so she’s got that “teamwork makes the dream work” phrase down to a science. She brings Five years of Property management to the table and prides herself in being an optimist! With her “No matter the situation we can fix it" attitude she is a breath of fresh air! Mirakle can understand and respect both sides of the coin when it comes to Property management (Owners & Tenants) alike. Her Willingness to go above and beyond to get desired goals met for BOTH Owners and tenants make her aptitude for success staggering! She is an honest and caring individual whom will do just about anything for you to be happy and satisfied with goals and expectations that have been previously set! She has high standards for not only her work ethic but the final result of EVERYDAY. Give her a call! She'd love to hear from you! 

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Monday, August 6, 2018

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